What We Do

We Elevate Your Established Coaching and Consulting Business.

In your profession, the words and conversations are the most important.

That’s why when you enter the Far East there are two key challenges: overcoming language barriers and navigating cultural intricacies.

Even more importantly, these challenges translate into two critical professional obstacles: addressing organisational misalignment and developing useful means for transformation.

For your expertise to gain global recognition, especially in Japan, having a dedicated strategic peace of mind is crucial.

This could be figured out on your own.

Alternatively, you can have a partner who not only understands the language but also grasps the nuances of the business to expedite the transformation.

This is where our unique capability stands out.

Why Do You Need This Kind of Partner?

So, picture this…

You’re conducting a workshop, and your clients are attentive to your speech. You believe you’ve nailed it.

But wait.

How do you determine the success of your engagement?

It’s only after conversing with the participants that you understand how your message was received.

As it turns out, your audience didn’t fully grasp your core message. What they need now is a breakdown of the basic concept upon which your speech was founded.

The key to your engagement success is enabling reciprocity for your service offerings.

To achieve that, one useful approach is to have a local touchpoint to facilitate it. Planning your service offerings tailored to this requirement is also beneficial.

We act as the concierge for your expertise in Japan to provide the above.

This way, your clients experience meaningful transformation, which leads to your long-term brand recognition and further lead generation.

Why Choose Us?

What sets us apart?

We specialise in assisting coaches and consultants, who have established expertise in executive coaching and management training.

Specifically, we focus on firms that are:

    • Small and independent
    • Creative
    • Working with large corporations
    • Internationally recognised

We take a customised approach and are selective.

We understand that success in the Japanese market goes beyond language proficiency; it’s about achieving your client’s transformation.

If you are a professional determined to attain global relevance, we are the best option for you.

Why Not Hire a Local Manager?

Hiring a full-time local manager may lead to paying for time and resources you are unable to utilise.

In contrast, with our on-demand-based model, you only pay for our services when there’s work to be done, making it a practical choice for small businesses.

Moreover, given the strategic nature of your work, you require not only an operational manager but also a partner with strategic capabilities.

We always ensure that our collaboration is valuable.

Let’s Have a Conversation

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Founder Bio

Takahiro Mikami

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Takahiro is dedicated to elevating established coaching and consulting business in the Japanese market.

His diverse background spans continents – born in London, raised in Venezuela and Japan – which grants him a unique perspective to achieve the ideal business transformations.

Takahiro graduated from The University of Tokyo with a degree in law, and previously worked in cross-border M&A and international business development for PwC Japan.

In 2023, he founded GES (Go East Strategy), which provides strategic insights for leadership development professionals entering the Japanese market.

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